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care butter
Care butter

Care butter differs not only in consistency from body lotions or body creams, it is the care properties that make it special. Care butter consists of pure fats, oils and waxes, and is particularly nourishing for stressed skin. Due to its special composition, this premium product does not contain any preservatives, as no water is used. Care butter is rich in vitamin A as well as vitamin E and provides the skin with omega-8 fatty acids. In addition, the raw materials used (shea butter, coconut oil) contain natural allantoin, which supports the skin's cell renewal and contributes to cell regeneration.

Apply before or during the sauna session. Also suitable as a care product after the sauna. Particularly nourishing: massage onto damp skin after showering. Due to the very fast melting effects, the body butter is also generally very popular as a massage product.


Relax - Rose Dreams - Sweet Love - Tropical

Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg


Shea butter -natural-

100% pure shea butter



Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg



Activating liniments, with natural ingredients such as essential oils on the skin, stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, accelerate the breakdown of harmful substances in the body and achieve a pleasant freshness effect. At the same time, the skin is mildly disinfected and greased. Ideal after sports, massage and sauna.

Citrus - Eucalyptus - Spruce Needle - Mountain Pine - Lavender - Melissa - Mint Fresh - Orange - Tea Tree

Package sizes:  1 l  •  5 l  •  10 l


Bath oils

Support the soothing effect of a bath with our bath oils. It gently cleanses the skin and the different scents pamper your nose! Our bath oil does not foam and ensures a relaxed bathing experience with pleasantly cared-for skin after the bath.

Mountain Herbs - Citrus Lemon Balm - Eucalyptus - Spruce Needle - Hay Scent - Chamomile - Mountain Pine - Lavender - Melissa - Mouse de Vanille - Rose - Rosemary

Package sizes:  1 l  •  5 l  •  10 l