Peelings are used to cleanse the skin. Dry, flaky skin is removed and smooth, fresh skin is revealed. Paired with attractive fragrances, this becomes a special care experience.

Peeling salts

The pleasure of a sauna session can be ideally combined with sauna salt, which contains valuable minerals and natural trace elements.

Levita sauna salt leaves the skin pore-deep clean, well supplied with blood, supple and soft. A peeling cleanses the skin, frees it from dead cells and thus allows it to breathe freely again. The skin becomes softer and smoother as the metabolism is stimulated, which maintains tissue tone.

This product is pure sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea. The main part of the grains has a grain size of 0.16-0.9 mm.

The processed fragrances are embedded in skin-friendly massage oil and are therefore free of allergens, contrary to essential oils.


Alge · Aloe · Blumenwiese · Citrus · Coolnight · Eiskalt · Eukalyptus · Grapefruit-Limette · Grüner Tee · Hawaii-Zauber · Kaktusfeige · Kiwi-Eis · Kokos- Vanille · Lavendel · Lemongras · Mango-Aloe · Melisse · Orange · Pfefferminz · Rose · Sandelholz · Vanille · Ylang Ylang und weitere auf Anfrage...

Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


Sea salt -pur-

Sea salt -pur- is the untreated version.

Package sizes:  5 kg  •  10 kg  •  25 kg


Salt snow

LEVITA salt snow is made from the best Himalayan salt, natural without any chemical additives for pourability.



Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  1 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg  •  25 kg


meersalz paste
Sea salt peeling paste

The alternative to massage salt. The composition of salt and a gelling agent creates a paste that spreads smoothly and stays on the skin longer.

Cool Mint - Grapefruit

Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


peeling zucker
Peeling sugar

As with peeling with salt, rubbing the crystals of the sugar stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and thus removes slag and toxins. Dead skin cells are gently removed and the skin is deeply cleansed.

Sugar contains glycolic acid, which keeps the skin supple and even has a preventive effect against dehydration and the development of dandruff. This is real crystal sugar.


Strawberry - Honey - Currant - Coconut - Lime - Mango - Menthol - Orange - Peach - Rose - Dreamy Sweet - Vanilla and more on request...

Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


sauna massage honig
Honey peeling

The honey peeling combines the advantages of massage honey with the cleansing effect of the ground apricot kernels.



Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


peeling schokolade
Peeling chocolate

White chocolate has aesthetic advantages over brown chocolate and also enjoys the special effects of cocoa butter, which is produced during the manufacture of the cocoa mass. The cleansing effect is created by the incorporated ground apricot kernels and supported by the inherent effects.

Dark chocolate - White chocolate

Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


Pine Heartwood Peeling PINUS-Fit

The peeling made from the heartwood meal of the pine tree with its effective ingredients. These comprise approx. 80 individual substances, including antioxidants, essential oils, amino acids and trace elements. Benefit from the unique care properties combined with the expressive fragrances of essential oils.



Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg


Coffee Peeling

The cosmetic active ingredient here is caffeine. Caffeine is valued as a valuable active ingredient in external applications; it acts like a natural stimulant for the skin. An all-round beautifying effect of our peeling is due to the circulation-promoting effect of caffeine: it ensures that the cells are particularly well supplied with oxygen and nutrients and thus get enough energy to renew themselves.



Package sizes:  0,5 kg  •  5 kg  •  10 kg